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Crucial US data in focus

February 28, 2019

A packed day ahead for markets with plenty of data set for release, while events away from data could also shape markets. The EURUSD weakened overnight after opening the day at $1.13871. The pair slid early, dipping to $1.13716 before

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A relatively quiet Tuesday for announcements sees geopolitical events come into focus. The EURUSD climbed overnight after opening the week at $1.13328. The pair dipped to an opening-hour low of $1.13270 before rallying throughout early and mid-session trading, peaking at

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Packed week ahead for markets

February 25, 2019

A stack of data set for release this week, while political events may also cause movements in markets. The EURUSD opened and closed reasonable flat but was quite active throughout the day. The pair opened at $1.13333 and climbed in

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Tensions between the two trading partners bubble away as political problems surface. The EURUSD opened at $1.13348 and endured a bumpy session before falling back to a. The pair climbed to $1.13519, then fell to lows of $1.13193 mid-session. The

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Markets look to Europe

February 21, 2019

A stack of data is set for release today which could lead to some market volatility. The EURUSD looked set for another strong session until a reversal late in the day saw it close near its opening price. The pair

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