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US data in focus

December 12, 2018

A relatively quiet Wednesday as far as data goes, but there is still some significant data being released. The USD strengthened overnight, while Brexit worries weighed on both the euro and pound. The EUR/USD opened the session at $1.13535 and

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The week ahead is packed with data, while geopolitical events may play a big role in market direction. The EUR/USD open the day at $1.13712 and remained flat early, dipping to a low of $1.13594 mid-session. The euro rallied late

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NFP Friday

December 7, 2018

Friday could bring with it a lot more volatility as traders turn their attention to US employment data. A weakening USD allowed paired currencies to rally overnight. The EUR/USD opened the session at $1.13432 and was flat early before dropping

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Australian data in focus

December 6, 2018

A stack of data is once again set for release as we build up to a hectic end of the week. The EUR/USD showed some signs of movement but was largely flat yesterday. The pair opened at $1.13367 and dipped

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RBA decision looms

December 4, 2018

A stack of data set for release today, headlined by the interest rate decision from Australia. USD-paired currencies opened much higher on Monday due to a weaker dollar caused by the G20 summit over the weekend. The EUR/USD opened the

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