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The week ahead

May 17, 2021

A smorgasbord of data is scheduled for release this week, providing traders plenty of opportunities on multiple products. The euro and pound both finished higher on Friday, thanks to a weakening USD. The EURUSD opened at $1.20790 and slipped to

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Australian data eyed

January 8, 2020

A relatively quiet Wednesday coming up for markets, with a low volume of data expected for release today. The EURUSD threatened to fall below $1.11 overnight after opening the day at $1.11961. The euro edged up to a high of $1.11969

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Markets await Fed meeting

October 30, 2019

Finally, we have a circuit breaker in the Brexit saga, with an election set for December 12. Meanwhile, traders keenly await the latest Fed Reserve interest rate meeting The EURUSD made some modest gains overnight after opening looking like it was

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RBA decision looms

October 1, 2019

Another day packed with activity which is likely to cause volatility in some markets. The USD strengthened overnight, pushing paired currencies down. The EURUSD open the week at $1.09417 and remained rather steady early, bumping up to a high of

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Huge day ahead for markets

September 13, 2018

A massive day for markets, with a stack of vital economic data being released from around the world. The dollar weakened overnight, sending paired currencies higher. The EUR/USD opened the day at $1.16030 and declined during the early part of

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