Multi Account Manager Solution MAM/PAMM

Klimex Capital Markets offers high performance multi account manager solutions that can be customized to your trading needs. We have teamed up with MetaFX to create our superior MAM consile. With our MAMs, the administrative side is taken care of by us leaving you to excel in your trade management.

Features of the Klimex MAM/PAMM Solution

  • Unlimited trading accounts.
  • Partial close of orders by Master account execution.
  • STP on master account for bulk order execution, with instant allocation to sub accounts.
  • Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from client side.
  • Three allocation methods – Lot – Percentage – Equity.
  • Full SL, TP & Pending order functionality.
  • Trades – Full, Mini & Micro Lot accounts for best allocation advantage.
  • Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L.
  • “Group Order” execution from Main control screen.
  • All trading styles allowed including hedging and scalping.

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