Monthly Archives: January 2018

A packed day of announcements and events should ensure plenty of volatility (and opportunity) for traders. The EUR/USD went on a roller coaster ride throughout the trading session, hitting session lows of $1.23383 early last night before taking off, adding

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All eyes on BoE Governor

January 30, 2018

A day full of announcements, with most interest surrounding speech to Mark Carney. The EUR/USD pair fell steadily throughout the night as the USD strengthened over major currencies. It reached heights of $1.24286 before beginning its downward trajectory, hitting a

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Huge week ahead for markets

January 29, 2018

A swathe of data set for release throughout the week, with plenty of market volatility expected. The EUR/USD tried to regain some of the losses it sustained last week, starting the session at lows of $1.23715. It steadily climbed to

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Plenty of announcements today from around the world today that will keep traders keenly watching the markets. The EUR/USD took off last night as the USD continues to get hammered. It hit session lows of $1.22887 early before surging upwards

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UK data in focus

January 24, 2018

Plenty of data set for release today, with the most significant data emanating from the UK and Europe. The EUR/USD pair continues its upward trajectory as the USD cops a hammering. It hit lows of $1.22221 around midway through the

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