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A swathe of data set for release from around the world ensures plenty of market activity tonight. Many countries will be observing the Easter holiday period, which for many, starts tomorrow. Traders should be mindful of their open positions and

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GDP data in focus

March 28, 2018

A busy day ahead for markets, with plenty of data set for release. The EUR/USD started the day in strong form, climbing to highs of $1.24759. It then performed a 180 degree turn and went the other way, dropping more

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US in focus

March 27, 2018

A much busier day today than yesterday as far as data announcements go. The EUR/USD ticked up overnight as the USD showed further signs of weakness. The pair hit session lows of $1.23508 early before climbing to a peak of

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The week ahead

March 26, 2018

The week ahead contains plenty of data releases, while many markets will be closed later in the week as countries observe Good Friday. The EUR/USD ended the session stronger on Friday as concerns about the US economy remained. The pair

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Quite a volatile night for markets as talk of US tariffs gains momentum, evoking a negative reaction from world stocks. The Dow copped a hammering overnight as the possibility of a trade war with China escalated. Donald Trump has announced

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