Monthly Archives: July 2018

US data eyed

July 27, 2018

While the volume of data being published today is quite low, particularly for a Friday, there is still some significant data releases that could cause markets to move. The USD once again asserted its authority, sending paired currencies down overnight.

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ECB meeting looms

July 26, 2018

Plenty of activity from around the world today, but it is Europe where we turn our attention. The EUR/USD surged in late trading after beginning the session reasonably flat. The pair opened at $1.16811 and traded in a tight range

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Australia eyed

July 25, 2018

Markets will look locally as some significant data is set for release today. The EUR/USD showed some signs of life throughout the session, only to come back near to its opening prices yesterday. The pair opened at $1.16899 and remained

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European data in focus

July 24, 2018

Europe is where we turn to for the bulk of our data releases today. The EUR/USD struggled to stay above $1.17 overnight as the dollar found some strength. After opening at $1.17240, the pair climbed to a high of $1.17506.

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The week ahead

July 23, 2018

Plenty of data set for release this week from around the world. Major currencies performed well on Friday as the dollar showed signs of weakness. The euro opened at $1.16397 and fell to a low of $1.16250 quite early.  The

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