At Klimex Capital Markets we want to ensure that your business is successful and is earning the most from us. It makes sense, if you are making money then so are we. Whether you are starting out or have a developed business, we are here to help you grow. We offer all our partners complete transparency, great rebates and commission along with full support. We work with you from day one.
IB- Introducing Broker Rebate Program

Klimex Capital Markets offer a generous IB program. If you are a company that has clients who trade FX or a large global corporation, our program will enable you to earn great commissions on every trade your clients make. Our rebate program is known to be the most rewarding in the market. Speak to a consultant to find out more.

Affiliates CPA Program

We are delighted to introduce our new affiliates program. We have had many people wanting to partner with us that say they have a website that will draw traffic to our site. For this they would like to earn commission for each client that registers and starts trading. Well we listened and here you have it. Earn high commissions on our CPA model where you will be paid on every active account you refer to us.