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Another busy day coming up, with focus shifting to Europe. A weaker USD enabled paired currencies to make small gains overnight. The EURUSD began the day at $1.19170 and slid to lows of $1.18799 mid-session. It bounced off that point,

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The week ahead

June 21, 2021

A stack of data scheduled for release this week ensures plenty of opportunities for traders. The EURUSD started Friday at $1.19067 and inched up to a high of $1.19251 early. It remained steady for a few hours before falling away

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A hectic day lays ahead as we see a stack of economic data released from around the world. The EURUSD began the day at $1.21173 and was steady early, climbing to highs of $1.21468 mid-session. It fell from those highs,

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US data eyed

June 10, 2021

Attention turns to the US and the publication of crucial economic data. The EURUSD opened and closed rather flat overnight, despite climbing above $1.22. The pair started the session at $1.21723 and dipped to a low of $1.21704 early. Momentum

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Australian data eyed

June 3, 2021

A host of data is scheduled for release today in what shapes up as a hectic one for markets. The EURUSD opened the day at $1.22118 and lifted to a high of $1.22261 early. The pair fell from those highs,

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