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Markets eye US data

August 13, 2019

A stack of data is scheduled for publication today as markets recover from another sell-off. The EURUSD looked in dire straits halfway through the day before a rally saw it make some gains overnight. The pair opened at $1.11969 and

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Plenty of action ahead this week for markets. Could we be seeing another volatile week coming up? The EURUSD made some modest gains on Friday to round out the week. The pair began Friday at $1.11787 and dipped to a

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UK in focus

August 9, 2019

A stack of information is scheduled for release as we round out yet another volatile week. The EURUSD fell slightly overnight after opening the day at $1.11994. The pair climbed to near session-highs of $1.12272 before falling to near session-lows

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Data from China in focus

August 8, 2019

A reasonably quiet Thursday ahead as-far-as significant data releases go, but with volatility seemingly entrenching itself, we could be in for another interesting day. The EURUSD opened and closed rather flat but there were some movements throughout the day. The

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Another interesting day coming up for markets. Which way will they head? The EURUSD steadied itself overnight, opening and closing rather flat. The pair began the day at $1.11960 and climbed to a high of $1.12489 early before reversing those

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