ECB meeting headlines announcements

January 25, 2018

Plenty of announcements today from around the world today that will keep traders keenly watching the markets.

The EUR/USD took off last night as the USD continues to get hammered. It hit session lows of $1.22887 early before surging upwards for the rest of the night. It rocketed up over a cent to reach session highs of $1.24142. It has since come off those highs to be currently trading at $1.23930. It was the same story for the GBP/USD. After starting the session at lows of $1.39932, it went off to the races as it added over two cents at one stage, reaching session highs of $1.42636. It has since retraced and is currently trading at $1.42272.

The Dow had a volatile night of trading, surging just over 200 points to a session high of 26,4403.73 before falling off a cliff, plummeting as much as 300 points to session lows of 26,103.36. It bounced back off those lows to be currently trading at 26.234.60. The Dax has returned to its poor form, hitting session highs of 13,578.35 before steadily losing ground for the majority of the night, tumbling as much as 200 points to lows of 13,370.31. It has recovered somewhat since those lows, currently trading at 13,425.35.

Gold had a great night of trading. The weak USD has made gold more expensive, as the gold price is measured in USD. After coming off session lows of $1,339.43 early, it rocketed up as high as $1,362.05. It has since come off those highs to be currently sitting at $1,356.33.

Looking ahead to today’s events and the most crucial is the ECB Minimum Bid Rate. Interest rate meetings are always crucial, but this meeting may have a bearing on the Euro, considering how much the Euro has raced upwards. Keep an eye on the Euro around the time of this meeting as it may be susceptible to volatility. Other announcements today include:

Australia – Public Holiday tomorrow

Canada – Retail & Core Retail Sales

UK – High Street Lending, CBI Realised Sales

US – Unemployment Claims, Goods Trade Balance, New Home Sales, CB Leading Index, Natural Gas Storage

Europe – ECB Press Conference, Spanish Unemployment Rate, German GFK Consumer Climate, German Ifo Business Climate, Belgian NBB Business Climate