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US & UK share spotlight

August 10, 2018

A big end to the week should ensure some market volatility as we head into the weekend. Major currencies continued to be accosted by a strengthening US dollar overnight, sending USD pairs further down. The EUR/USD opened at $1.16088 and

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Attention once again turns to China for market data as trade wars heat up. The EUR/USD continues to hover around the $1.16 mark. The pair opened at $1.15969 and steadily climbed in early trading until it reached a high of

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Markets turn their attention to China as it releases some significant trade-related data. The euro finally showed some signs of life and performed well during yesterday’s trading session. The EUR/USD opened at $1.15515 and dropped to an opening hour low

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RBA meeting today

August 7, 2018

A relatively busy day ahead for markets, with focus taking a local slant as Australia’s central bank meeting today. Major currencies continue to struggle against a strengthening USD. The EUR/USD opened at $1.15656 and lifted to a high of $1.15699

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Hectic week ahead

August 6, 2018

There’s plenty of activity from around the world this week which could lead to some volatile sessions. The euro once again struggled as the USD gained in strength. The EUR/USD opened at $1.15831 and was flat during the early hours

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