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Speeches by bank leaders eyed

November 14, 2017

A busier day ahead for market with some important data set for release. The world’s leading central bank heads are all set to speak as well. The EUR/USD fluctuated throughout the night but seemed to always return back to the

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Another busy week ahead, with plenty of data set for release from around the world. This should ensure some volatility follows. The EUR/USD bumped up slightly from this time last Friday, but it looks like it is trading in a

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UK data in focus

November 10, 2017

Another day full of data, but it is the UK that is releasing the most significant information. Traders move into the weekend with the markets somewhat flat and quite a way off their highs. The EUR/USD bumped up overnight as

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Donald Trump in China

November 9, 2017

Another data-packed day ahead for markets, but it’s what’s happening away from economic data that is most likely to cause market movements. The EUR/USD dipped back into $1.15 territory, the pair still unsure which way it wants to go. It

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Data from China in focus

November 8, 2017

A relatively quiet Wednesday as far as announcements go, with data emanating from China coming into focus. Geo-political events may play a role in market fluctuations. The EUR/USD pair was on a bit of a roller coaster overnight as it

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