Klimex clients can choose to transfer funds via Moneybookers, one of the most convenient and safest ways to transfer or receive money worldwide.


  1. You will need a valid Moneybookers/Skrill account to be able to transfer funds to MXT. If you don’t have one, please visit the Skrill / Moneybookers website to register.
  2. Once you have a valid account, please login at Skrill / Moneybookers website and follow the instructions to transfer money to our Moneybookers account:

    USD: [email protected]
    EUR: [email protected]

  3. Please notify us immediately after you complete your transfer by calling us on +61 2 8235 2788 or by emailing [email protected].
  4. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process and deposit your funds to your Klimex trading account.

Important, please note when making a payment:

  • By making a payment through MoneyBookers/Skrill you are indicating you have read, understood and agree to the below conditions.
  • Should only be used for USD based trading accounts. If sending funds in a currency other than USD MoneyBookers/Skrill will automatically convert your funds to USD at the current rate, conversely when receiving funds from MXT Global through MoneyBookers/Skrill we will be required to convert your funds back to USD in order to send it to you, conversion fees may apply
  • Deposit in the same name as your MXT Global account. We cannot accept third-party transfers.
  • There are no minimum or maximum deposits.
  • If you choose to fund your account through MoneyBookers/Skrill and later decide to withdraw your funds, we may at our absolute discretion send your funds back to the same Skrill account. MoneyBookers/Skrill will charge a transfer fee of 1% up to 10EUR when receiving funds.
  • MXT Global does not charge internal fees however Skrill/Moneybookers will deduct approximately 4% when sending funds to MXT Global via MoneyBookers/Skrill.