Refund Policy

Transaction Terms & Conditions and Fee Schedule

Transaction Fee Schedule

Klimex CM does not charge any internal fees for electronic deposits or withdrawals. However, please note payments to and from overseas banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees and/or conversion fees from either party which are independent of Klimex CM. Any such fees will be the responsibility of the client.

The following fees are subject to change without notice. You are advised to view this fee schedule regularly. Klimex CM may at any time make changes to these terms and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on Klimex CM website. You are advised to revise these Terms regularly, and by your continued use of Klimex CM website and services you accept any such modified terms.


  • NAB Credit/Debit Card Deposit Fees – Foreign Currency (non-AUD) deposits: 3%
  • NAB Australian Bank EFT Deposit Fees: $0
  • NAB Australian Bank EFT Withdrawal Transfer Fees: $0
  • NAB SWIFT International Wire Withdrawal Transfer Fees: $25 in your respective base currency (JPY 2,500)


  • Deposit Cheques – Foreign cheques: $30 in your respective base currency (JPY 3,000)
  • To issue Cheques – AUD: $5
  • To issue Cheques – Foreign cheques: $30 in your respective base currency (JPY 3,000)

Transaction Terms & Conditions: Credit/Debit Card National Australia Bank (NAB)

The below terms are for deposits made using the online secure payment form located on this URL:

  • Credit cards accepted: Mastercard, Visa
  • Fees: please refer to the Fee Schedule above.
  • Instant Funding only refers to Visa and Master Card through NAB at
  • In the unforseen circumstance where funds are not instantly uploaded to MetaTrader 4, it still remains the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have placed the required funds in their account for trading via other payment methods.
  • There is a restriction on first time funding of an account by card at $1,000 AUD or equivalent. If your initial deposit to your account by card is more than $1,000 AUD or equivalent, your initial deposit will be refunded back to your designated bank account via wire transfer.
  • There is a restricted maximum deposit of $10,000 AUD or equivalent per transaction, per card, per account a day.
  • The schedule of fees above, are charged by our credit card services provider (NAB) and are subject to change. Any such fees will be the responsibility of the client unless Klimex CM has specified we will cover these fees.
  • Klimex CM may as a gesture of goodwill or as part of a promotion, cover fees charged by the merchant services provider by reimbursing them to your trading account. Klimex CM reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at its sole discretion at any time.
  • If your account was funded by credit card and a withdrawal is requested within 12 weeks, this withdrawal will be refunded back to your designated bank account via wire-transfer. The method by which we return client funds is at the sole discretion of Klimex CM.
  • In the circumstance of a chargeback as the client you are responsible to cover any reversed payments and/or chargeback fees. If there are insufficient funds in the trading account to cover, you agree to make deposit to your trading account to cover via bank wire transfer.
  • Some banking institutions may treat funding your trading account via your credit card as a cash advance or a purchase. Please contact your bank for details.
  • We are unable to accept third-party payments. We can only accept payments from a credit/debit card in the same name as your Klimex CM account.